The Memorial Belltower at North Carolina State University

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The Memorial Belltower at North Carolina State University

The Memorial Belltower at the North Carolina State University is a monolith of one-thousand four-hundred tons of granite that towers over the campus in Raleigh to a height of thirty-five metres. The tower was built to honor the memories of ex-alumni who lost their lives in service to their country.

The tower isn’t always granite grey, but is illuminated in different colors for different occasions and events throughout the year. It’s a curious question as to whether or not this NC State Security webcam is focused on the Memorial Belltower at the NCSU because they’re hoping to catch a student or two abseiling down it in the dark, but sadly a question to which the answer is not known.

The image the webcam does capture once a year is that of the runners crossing the finishing line of the university’s annual Krispy Kreme Challenge. While that may sound like a student prank, the five kilometer race there and back to the nearest doughnut shop, where each participant has to consume a round dozen balls of sugary dough, is a serious business. No, the winner doesn’t get elected to a hall of fame, but is quite probably taken to the nearest hospital to get their stomach pumped.

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