The Hemingway Home and Museum Webcam

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The Hemingway Home and Museum Webcam

There’s no arguing that Ernest Hemingway is one of North American literary giants. His travels may have taken him far and wide, but he also had a strong and lasting attachment to Key West in Florida.

The Floridian island of Key West and the residence you can see on this cam were the author’s home for eight years from 1931 to 1939. Did he leave any other legacy other than the house which is now a museum? Indeed he did. In the form of a colony of six-toed cats. Hemingway’s furry mascot, Snow White, was gifted to him by a ship’s captain and its genetic oddity, six toes, has been passed down through the generations. There are now sixty cat descendants of Snow White, but not one single dwarf, living in and around the museum. If you have a cat allergy and are planning to visit, make sure to take an antihistamine before you go or you could end up being mistaken for Sneezy.

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