Skatepark Webcam in Ashland

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Skatepark Webcam in Ashland

When there’s no-one around at this skate park in Ashland, Oregon, these bowls could easily be dried out garden ponds. From sunrise to sunset when the park is open, you’ll see a totally different picture.

Get ready for some serious hardflips, laser flips, backslide tailflips and a few clumsy kickturns if someone’s just had their birthday and got their first board. Bmxers come here to practice their bunny hops, forwards and backwards, donkeys and fishtails too. Big thumbs up to all of the Ashland skateboarders, the bmxers and their moves. You all make viewing this webcam very entertaining and when there’s that odd ouch moment or two, believe it, those  of us sitting here watching feel your pain.

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