Seattle Capitol Hill Webcam

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Seattle Capitol Hill Webcam

Day or night you can get a great view of the Capitol Hill neighbourhood of Seattle on this webcam. With the waters of Lake Union glinting in the background it looks quite peaceful even though it’s something of a skyscraper-crammed metropolis. As they often are, looks can be deceiving.

Capitol Hill is Seattle’s party district and while you can’t join in the nightly shenanigans via this live feed, there’s plenty going on. Hidden from plain sight are more speakeasies, drinking dives and gastropubs than you can imagine. The nightlife in Capitol Hill goes on until the small hours so it’s not surprising that Starbucks and several other well-known coffeehouse franchises have, and still do, use the neighbourhood as a testing ground for their caffeine-rich brews. There’s really nothing like a strong hot coffee to sober you up when you crawl out of a club at daybreak. It could well be that being in the right place at the right time is the secret to success.

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