Sanibel Island Webcams

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Sanibel Island Webcams

The most entertaining feed you can view on these Sanibel Island webcams is the Dunes Golf and Tennis Club one. For playing on a championship golf course, it’s surprising how many times the folks on the putting green miss their shot. Whether that’s because the golfers have spent too long in the 19th hole or not is something known only to themselves.

From these webcams Sanibel Island may look like nothing more than a deluxe vacation resort with a somewhat testing golf course, but there’s more to it than that. Sanibel Island is located off the coast of Florida near to Fort Myers and connected to the mainland by an amazing feat of architectural engineering known as the Sanibel Causeway. While the causeway allows easy access to the island for vacationers, they’re not the priority. Half of the island’s forty-two square kilometers are occupied by wildlife refuges rather than luxury hotels or manicured greens and conservation of the natural terrestrial flora and fauna as well as the coastal marine life takes precedence. Big thumbs up for Sanibel Island and the care that’s being taken to ensure it stays the way it should.

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