Rabac Quayside Webcam

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Rabac Quayside Webcam

If the Beatles had seen the mini yellow submarine that moors up at the quayside in Rabac, they may well have had to word the lyrics of their famous hit song a little differently. This submarine is definitely not big enough for them all to live in or at least not in perfect harmony anyway.

Rabac is a Croatian coastal town that faces out onto the tranquil, and exceptionally scenic, waters of Kvarner Bay. Like many towns of its kind, it’s more or less given up on the fishing industry which was once its mainstay and has turned to tourism instead. And why not? It would be rude not to share all of its natural beauty with the rest of the world, but is it as quiet and laid back as it looks? No, not always. Summertime techno music festivals on the beach are major annual events in this sleepy looking place. Unless you want to dance on the sands rather than peacefully tan, don’t plan your vacation dates to coincide with the raves.

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