Peg Leg Pete’s Bar Cams in Pensacola Beach

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Peg Leg Pete’s Bar Cams in Pensacola Beach

When you’re missing some beachfront entertainment try viewing this live feed streaming from Peg Leg Pete’s on Pensacola Beach in Florida. You won’t see a wooden-legged pirate stomping around on the boardwalk, but view plenty of lucky folk tucking into platefuls of food.

Peg Leg Pete’s has been dishing up fresh seafood accompanied by live music to vacationers visiting Pensacola Beach for more than a decade. While you won’t be able to sample any of Peg Leg Pete’s shrimps or oysters through the webcam, you will get a taste of the live music if you leave the sound on.

2 thoughts on “Peg Leg Pete’s Bar Cams in Pensacola Beach

  1. Have been there many times.
    Have walked right in a time or two but usually expect lines
    The cars outside are many and testify
    This place will put a smile on your face so please give this place a try!

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