Madeline Island Yacht Club Webcam

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Madeline Island Yacht Club Webcam

When you live somewhere that’s surrounded by water there’s a couple of things that are essential forms of transport, unless you swim exceptionally well, and that’s a boat, a snowmobile or if all else fails, a plane.

Madeline Island, an island in Lake Superior, lays around four kilometres offshore of Ashland County, Wisconsin. It’s accessible in the summertime by boat, but come winter that can change drastically. When temperatures drop to well below freezing, the lake freezes over. An ice road is opened for folks to whizz across on snowmobiles or airboats if the surface is not solid enough to hold vehicle traffic. Winter on Madeline Island can be a depressing time for boat owners, but still they can cheer themselves up by viewing their yachts on this cam while they wait for the thaw to set in.

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