Lake Superior from Presque Isle Park, Marquette

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Lake Superior from Presque Isle Park, Marquette

Isle is a word that can describe two things. It can describe an island or it can describe a peninsula. In the case of Presque Isle, it’s a peninsula and a very scenic one too.

On this webcam you can get a peak of part of Lake Superior where it laps the shores of Presque Isle near the university city of Marquette in Michigan. Presque Isle Park, where this cam is located, is three-hundred plus acres of forested terrains, hiking trails, rocky bluffs and plenty more similar Instagrammable spots. When they’re seeking a respite from the stress of studying, students come here to camp out, trek or cycle the trails, dive from the cliffs and watch the sunset. That has to be a thousand times better than being stuck in a stuffy dorm and it’s good for their social media posts too.

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