Kiva Dunes Beach & Golf Resort Webcam in Gulf Shores

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Kiva Dunes Beach & Golf Resort Webcam in Gulf Shores

The golf course of the Kiva Dunes Resort in Gulf Shore, Alabama, is an award-winning eighteen hole course with the requisite undulating greenery and the odd bunker of sand here and there.  On cam it doesn’t appear to be quite as testing as it actually is. 

The thin peninsula the course occupies has the Gulf of Mexico on one side and Bon Secour Bay on the other which means it’s often windy. The problem is, you never know which way the wind is going to blow. Hit a bad shot at this par 72 course and the ball will either plop into the lagoon, disappear into the dunes or get lost in the undergrowth. This course can turn out to be challenging in more ways than one so if you’re heading there for a round, make sure you have enough balls.

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