Honey Island Swamp Tours Webcam in Slidell

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Honey Island Swamp Tours Webcam in Slidell

Swamps are pretty spooky places during the day let alone at night. If you join this live feed during the hours of darkness be prepared to be totally creeped out. It’s really not surprising that this swamp, the Honey Island Swamp near Slidell in Louisiana, has spawned a monster legend.

The Bayou Beast, the Honey Island Swamp mythical monster, is quite shy and so isn’t mentioned on the list of regular creatures sighted on Cajun Encounters swamp tour. Jump on a boat to cruise beneath the trailing Spanish moss and when you hear a splash, it’s more likely to be an alligator, an otter, a snake or a wild boar than a bog land bigfoot. Does the Bayou Beast exist? No-one knows for sure although it has been caught on film and a cast of its three-toed foot has been made. Keep viewing the cam in the wee hours and it may well decide to drop by the pontoon and take the boat out for a spin. If it does and you’re watching, make sure to get a screenshot.

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