Haunted Hill View Manor Webcam in New Castle

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Haunted Hill View Manor Webcam in New Castle

Calling this feed streamed by the Spirit Realm Network from the Hill View Manor in New Castle, Pennsylvania, live seems something of a contradiction. The last thing it’s hoping to show is anything that’s, well, live.

The manor’s turbulent history as a home for the mentally ill and elderly may well have left its indelible impression on the now dilapidated structure. There have been plenty of reports of unexplained activity in the manor over the years, but as it covers over eighty-thousand square feet, there’s no guarantee this webcam is focused on the spot where something ethereal is going to appear. Patience may pay dividends and then again it may not.  But if the constant dripping of water is a permanent feature of this abandoned room, any troubled spirits may well have got fed up with the noise and decided to go and haunt somewhere a little bit quieter. Who can blame them? It’s enough to give anyone goosebumps whether you’re in this realm or the next.

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