Fraggle Rock Webcam on Bryher

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Fraggle Rock Webcam on Bryher

If you were hoping to spot some of the colourful and eccentric creatures that star in the TV series, Fraggle Rock, you’re in the wrong place. Don’t be too disappointed though, because this Fraggle Rock, which at first glance looks to be nothing more than an uninhabited blob of stone, hides a secret.

Fraggle Rock lies off the coast of the island of Bryher in the Scilly Isles. That’s no secret as it’s easy enough to spot on Google maps. It did inspire the name of the TV series, but that’s no secret either. What you can’t see is the twenty-five metre-long tunnel cave teeming with marine life running through Fraggle Rock. That’s a secret spot that only boat divers get to visit. But never mind. The terrestrial and sea views on this cam, streamed by from near the Fraggle Rock Cafe, more than compensate for a lack of underwater excitement especially when the cam pans round to catch the sunset. Stay tuned for that and you’ll be sighing with delight.

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