Fitchburg City Views

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Fitchburg City Views

Fitchburg in Massachusetts is a US city focused on education that has numerous high schools and a university. Don’t expect to see much nighttime movement on this Fitchburg live feed streamed by FATV though. All the students will be at home burning the candle both ends cramming for their next exam. Or then again, maybe not.

When Fitchburg stops studying or working to let off steam they do it in style. From a four-day long carnival in April where everyone lets their hair down to the AmeriCulture Arts Festival to racing yellow plastic ducks down the Nashua River in their thousands. Yes, you read that right. Racing plastic ducks down the river in Fitchburg is an annual thing. Guess everyone finds their own way to relax when the stress of another day at work or the semester is over. No-one can deny that quacking fun is guaranteed all round in Fitchburg and it’s totally Daffy too.

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