Fagradalsfjall Erupting Volcano Webcams

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Fagradalsfjall Erupting Volcano Webcams

Mountains are usually just another part of a country’s landscape even in Iceland. We take them for granted until they start to exude streams of molten lava, ash, steam and everything else that goes along with a volcanic eruption like the one that’s happening now on Fagradalsfjall in Iceland.

This shield volcano near the country’s capital, Reykjavik, usually attempts to keep a low profile, but it’s changed its behavior and like a stroppy teenager has decided to make its presence known. Will it calm down soon? Who knows, but while it’s active enjoy this live feed of lava flows from the Fagradalsfjall in Iceland streamed by Ruv. The burning question is – how long will it last?

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6 thoughts on “Fagradalsfjall Erupting Volcano Webcams

    1. It’s the second tab selectable at the top of the screen (Marked Geldingadalir2) when it’s available. That one has zoomed out considerably over time though as the lava flow changed.

      1. It certainly has zoomed out farther. I thought the #2 camera view might be it, but the zoomed view show the bubbling lava spilling out so much better. I check into various volcano webcams and that former zoomed view was the best by far! Thanks.

  1. Is that flashlights I sometimes see bobbing around on the outskirts of the volcano? By the way, I am totally enjoying the 3 live webcam views. Thank you!

    1. It was re-started by the streamer and we have the new link now. Also a couple of other views. Thanks for pointing it out!

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