Edgewater Resort Webcam in Ephraim

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Edgewater Resort Webcam in Ephraim

Take a look at this live feed streamed by the Edgewater Resort from Ephraim in Wisconsin and it could leave you asking yourself a couple of puzzled questions. Namely, why is the cam pointed at the water and not at the resort and why are there seats on the quay? You’ll be pleased to know there’s a simple answer to both.

The hamlet of Ephraim occupies a prime westerly-facing spot on the shores of Green Bay. West-facing being the key words here. Join the cam at the right time and you’ll catch a magnificent sunset illuminating the horizon. Now locals and visitors alike can sit and sip a sundowner cocktail while they’re enjoying the magnificent view. Why’s that?  In 2015, after being a dry town since it was founded in 1853, the local laws in Ephraim were changed. That was probably the best news Ephraim residents and visitors had heard in a hundred and sixty years.

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