Detroit River Webcam from the Dossin Museum

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Detroit River Webcam from the Dossin Museum

There are not so many museums that have a view from their rooftop like the one you can see on this cam streaming from the Dossin Museum in Detroit, Michigan. The Dossin Museum overlooks the Detroit River and as long as the trees don’t get in the way, you’ll be able to see the river in all its majestic, slow-flowing glory as well as Windsor, a city on the Canadian border, in the distance.

The Dossin Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the Great Lakes, the ships that sailed the lakes over the centuries and Detroit in general. Unless they set them afloat on the river, you won’t get a glimpse of the museum’s collection of miniature ships which is the largest of its kind in the world. You won’t see much of anything at all if the trees keep growing so maybe it’s time for a visit from the local tree surgeon or maybe a Canadian lumberjack can paddle across the river and do the job for them.

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