Dallas County Courthouse Webcam in Adel

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Dallas County Courthouse Webcam in Adel

Other than the recent addition of some unsightly scaffolding, the Dallas County Courthouse hasn’t changed its appearance much since it was built in 1892. It has changed usage several times over the one-hundred and thirty odd years since its doors were first opened though. And is in the process of doing so again.

After a new courthouse was built this historic building was converted into a museum, the Old Red Museum. That’s all set to change again as the collections of artefacts are being rehoused to make way for the Texas Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Walk through the arches of this castle-like structure now and you won’t be walking into rooms full of Dallas’ past. It won’t be like walking into a fairytale either, but more probably something akin to a legal nightmare. Still at least the Old Red has been judged and found still fit for the purpose it was built for.

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