Dacotah Bank Stadium in Aberdeen

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Dacotah Bank Stadium in Aberdeen

If you were hoping to catch a glimpse of a brawny kilt-clad Scot on this webcam, sad to say it, but you’re looking at the wrong Aberdeen. This Aberdeen is a good few thousand miles across the Atlantic in the American state of South Dakota. In all honesty, a quick flash of hairy legs below some swinging tartan might make this cam a bit more exciting than what it is.

Exactly which part of the stadium the cam is focused on is a mystery that would need a brain of someone like Sherlock Holmes to solve. While you sit there puzzling what you’re looking at, here’s some interesting facts about the stadium. The Dacotah Bank Stadium hosted its first game in 2021 when the home team, the Northern State University Wolves, went wild and beat the Southwest Minnesota State Mustangs by an embarrassing amount. The stadium has a seating capacity of four and a half thousand, but whether the game was a sell-out and how many of the spectators were supporting each team is sadly unknown so all you can do is continue the guessing game.

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