Cloudforest One Webcam in Lahinch, Co. Clare

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Cloudforest One Webcam in Lahinch, Co. Clare

What defines a cloud forest? Basically the answer to that is, in simple terms, constant low-level clouds and persistent dampness. It’s easy to contemplate the existence of cloud forests in places like New Zealand or in the Andes mountain range of South America. But, as Ireland has plenty of the requisites required to sustain, that is clouds and damp, what better place could there be to create new cloud forests?

Since acquiring a suitable site near Lahinch on the west coast of Ireland in 2021, Cloudforests have been planting thousands of trees to help keep planet earth cool. Cloudforest One is the first of what will eventually be a hundred cloud forest sites planted along Ireland’s two-thousand five-hundred kilometre long driving route known as the Wild Atlantic Way. There’s only one more thing to say about this incredible project and that’s – it’s pretty cool and the planet will definitely appreciate it.

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