Ashbury Avenue Webcam from Wallace Hardware in Ocean City

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Ashbury Avenue Webcam from Wallace Hardware in Ocean City

There are a lot more exciting parts of Ocean City in New Jersey that this webcam could be focused on, but as it is, you’ll have to make do with Ashbury Avenue. It’s a pretty sedate view of some storefronts along with a bit of irregular pedestrian and vehicle traffic, a vintage lamp post or two and several parking metres. Oh, and a park bench. Keep looking and you’ll find plenty of things of interest. It just depends on what your interests are.

While you can’t see them on this live feed, Ocean City really does have a lot to offer both residentially and as a holiday spot. Think beaches, store-lined boardwalks, fairgrounds and a pier. There’re also places to get back to nature nearby like Corson’s Inlet State Park which has superb hiking trails where you can go bird spotting in the dunes. The one good thing about this cam streamed by Wallace Hardware is, if you’re parked in Ashbury Avenue, you can keep an eye out for the local Parking Enforcement Officer and if you spot them approaching your car, get there quick before they get time to give you a ticket. It gets a big thumbs up for that.

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