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Ukraine Webcams

The eastern European country of the Ukraine is a close neighbour of Russia with which it was integrated from 1922 to 1991. Its capital city is Kiev. Surprisingly, the Ukraine has the second largest military in Europe, after Russia. It has 46 million people and although the Ukrainian language is the only official language, Russian is widely spoken.

The Seven Wonders of the Ukraine include the beautiful Sofiyivsky Park in Uman, Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev and the Fortress in Khotyn. Most of the cities are featured on webcam which give a fascinating insight into this former Russian state. The economy is based in industry and agriculture and day to day life is a struggle for most Ukrainians.

Azov sea, Kirillovka, Ukraine (beach view)
Beach view webcam from Ukraine (Azov sea). 640x480px. Updates every 8 seconds. Works only in daylight.
Kirillovka, Khosa Peresyp, beach view
Beautiful seaside webcam located at the central beach of the Ukrainian resort of Kirillovka at the start of Khosa Peresyp street. Also contains sound of the Azov sea!
Medzhybizh Fortress Webcam
Medzhybizh Castle built as a bulwark against Ottoman expansion in the 1540s, became one of the strongest fortresses of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland in Podolia.
Fedotova Khosa, Azov sea, beach view
Webcam at the beach of the Azov Sea in the resort village of Kirillovka.