Victoria Golf Club Webcams

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Victoria Golf Club Webcams

Considering there’s been golf played on the greens of the Victoria Golf Club in Oak Bay, British Columbia, since 1893, the grass is looking in what can only be called tip-top condition. Fair play to the groundsmen over the decades for doing such a grand job.

A lot of balls have been driven from the course’s tees since it opened and who knows how many golfing shoes have trodden the fairways in pursuit of them. Others have ended up in the rough when blown off course by Pacific Ocean breezes. Strangely, there’s no webcam on Tee 7 which is a really tricky one lined by cliffs on one side and with very off-putting views of Mount Baker in the distance. Drive a wrong shot on this tee and you need to hire a scuba diver to get your ball back. 

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