Stora Torg Square Webcam in Kristianstad

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Stora Torg Square Webcam in Kristianstad

The Swedish are renowned for being very organised and efficient and that’s a trait that’s notable when viewing this webcam of Stora Torg Square in Kristianstad. Rather than leave this square in the city’s historic district unused, they’ve done the sensible thing and turned it into a parking space. 

Is there a reason why the vehicles are parked with almost military precision? It’s not a certainty, but it may well be because Kristianstad was, until fairly recently, a garrison town and occupied by members of the armed forces. While it no longer is, and the main occupation of its residents are now employed in the food production industry, as the well-known saying goes – old habits die hard and in Kristianstad that appears to include parking in very precise straight lines.

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