Squam Lake Views, Holderness

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Squam Lake Views, Holderness

If you’re looking for some peaceful, relaxing viewing you’ll find it with this live feed of Squam Lake streamed by RockyWold Deephaven Camps.

Squam Lake is a seven-thousand acre tranquil stretch of water near Holderness in New Hampshire that attracts abundant birdlife and just about as many anglers. They’re all after the same thing – fish.

Don’t hold your breath while waiting for something to move on this Squam Lake webcam though. Not much does unless it’s a loon diving for food, a bald eagle swooping across the water or a fisherman in his boat cruising over to Potato Island to see if he can improve his luck and hook a king-size rainbow trout for supper. Good luck to him, he’s got a lot of feathered competition.

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