Sea Isle City Beach Patrol Webcam

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Sea Isle City Beach Patrol Webcam

Viewing this cam might not be quite as exciting as watching an episode of Bondi Rescue, but it has its moments especially when the beach inspectors are on patrol.

This stretch of dune-backed sand lining the North Atlantic coastline of Sea Isle City is not only enjoyed by the city’s residents and visitors, the local authorities make the most of it too. From Memorial Day to Labor Day you can’t just throw your towel down anywhere you please unless you have a beach tag or it’s a Wednesday. Wednesdays are free of charge, but the rest of the time you need to have a beach tag ready to show the inspectors. Tags cost a mere $5 a day or $20 for the season. Are they worth it? Looking at the refreshing scene of the waves crashing against the shore, they definitely are. Who wouldn’t pay for the pleasure of sitting there?

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