Salisbury University Webcam

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Salisbury University Webcam

Salisbury University has been a seat of learning since it was founded in 1925. That’s almost a hundred years ago and strangely, there’s not one clump of moss growing on the roofs of these prestigious buildings. Whether or not the Spicer Brothers construction company who stream this cam have something to do with that only they and the university know.

Even more curious is the fact the university has a seagull for a mascot even though, as the gull flies, the North Pacific Ocean is a good few miles away to the east. Sammy the Seagull has been part of university life since 1965 and doesn’t get in a flap about being landbound when he could be soaring over the waves. If you happen to spot Sammy waddling across campus, he’s six foot tall and wears the university’s colours, he’ll be on his way to squawk the sports teams to victory from the sidelines. Beats catching fish for sixty years and that’s a fact.

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