Port of San Antonio Webcam

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Port of San Antonio Webcam

If the loading and unloading of cargo and container ships rocks your boat, you’ll be transfixed by this live feed of the Port of San Antonio. If you find the movement of bulk freight a little on the boring side, you might prefer to rewind the feed until it shows the view during the hours of darkness. The port, with the city in the background, is a lot more beguiling when illuminated at night.

The Port of San Antonio may already be the biggest and busiest freight port in Chile, but the city also has its sights set on becoming renowned as a literary and gourmet tourist destination. The city chefs are cooking up a storm with seafood while local vineyards are producing world-class wines. What happens when good food and wine come together? Inevitably, writers start to wax lyrical and with initiatives like the government-run Seaboard Program of the Poets in place as encouragement, who wouldn’t be inspired to pen a line or two, after sufficient libation and degustation, to help San Antonio achieve its goals.

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