Newlyn Harbour Webcams

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Newlyn Harbour Webcams

Newlyn looks like a tranquil Cornish coastal village where not much interrupts the peace and quiet other than the occasional squawking of seagulls. Views can be deceptive. There’s more going on in Newlyn than you’d probably expect and most of it in the harbour area.

Both of these Newlyn Harbour live feeds will give you a glimpse of what really makes this sleepy-looking village tick and that’s fishing. Newlyn has a large fishing fleet made up of all types of craft from pot-loaded crabbers to trawlers.

Newlyn has a busy fish market too where daily catches are auctioned and an annual Newlyn Fish Festival held at the end of August. Fish and fishing are an integral part of life in Newlyn and something that doesn’t go unnoticed. That aside, when you want fresh fish for supper, the Newlyn Harbour webcam alternative feed is great for spying on who’s bringing in the latest haul.

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