Mountain Views from the Planina Razor

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Mountain Views from the Planina Razor

There’s an old saying that goes – you can’t see the woods for the trees. In the case of this webcam view – you almost can’t see the mountains for the trees. When the three-hundred year old beech forest is in full foliage and the cloud coverage is low, you won’t see a lot of the peaks of the Bohinj-Tolman mountain range nor would you even if you were standing on the Planina Razor plateau.

When, and if, the clouds disperse you’ll get the same view of the craggy peaks, Vogel and Globoko, on this cam as you would if you were hiking some of the many trails that wind through the Planina Razor in Slovenia’s Triglavski Narodni Park. If the clouds don’t lift, you may need to swap mountain viewing for cloud spotting which, in itself, is not a bad hobby when you want a quiet, relaxing activity.

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