Kingston Half Way Tree Webcam

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Kingston Half Way Tree Webcam

You’ll be able to see some stunning views of Kingston in Jamaica with this webcam so long as you join the feed on a day there’s no smog. Portland in Jamaica isn’t as well known as Kingston, but it’s a lot more scenic and the air is usually cleaner.

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and Half Way Tree is one of the busiest spots in the city. Watch that cam long enough and you’ll discover, it’s also a place where it takes a very long time to get across the road if you’re a pedestrian. Traffic and folks are a bit more laid back in Portland so laid back in fact they never get any further than the nearest verge with their bags of rubbish. It’s a shame Bob Marley is long gone or he may well have written a song about the morning time black bags on Portland’s main road. Weh yuh ah seh?

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