Crikvenica Webcams

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Crikvenica Webcams

It must be hard to find nail-biting excitement in a sleepy town like Crikvenica in Croatia especially during the winter months when there’s no tourists, but they manage to do it and quite frequently too.

If you start by viewing the first feed of this collection of Crikvenica webcams, you may well be entranced by the harbourfront and the pretty spectacular coastal scenery. Click into the second feed and for a second or two you may wonder why there’s a cam focused on what appears to be a short stretch of road and a brick wall. Wait and your patience will be rewarded.

The second feed doesn’t show the sharp curve the cars in the right hand lane have just negotiated. It’s one that tends to leave them pretty close to the central white line and cars coming the other way if they take it at speed – and they do. Add to that the fact there’s also a junction and while it doesn’t make for disaster, you’ll find yourself oohing, clutching your seat and muttering – that was close. It’s definitely a lot more thrilling than the other two Crikvenica feeds and that’s a fact. For a near miss webcam it scores ten out of ten.

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