Cowlitz River Cams

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Cowlitz River Cams

The Cowlitz River flows, at quite a pace, for over one-hundred and fifty miles through the state of Washington. It’s a waterway that’s well-stocked with fish which is, understandably, a big draw for anglers.

Check out either of these Cowlitz River webcams streamed by Ed and you’ll soon notice boaters don’t need to use either oars to paddle or an outboard motor to navigate. The swift current just sweeps the crafts along.

That’s a major bonus for fishermen as it leaves them two hands free for their rods and reels. They need them too when it comes to King or Chinook salmon season. There are some serious-sized fishy monsters swimming in the murky depths. If you’re going to Cowlitz River fishing, don’t surpass your bag limit – Big Ed has his watchful webcam eye on you.

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