Clean Planet Car Wash Webcam in Woodinville

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Clean Planet Car Wash Webcam in Woodinville

The Clean Planet car wash in Woodinville, Washington, is pulling out all the stops to make cleaning your vehicle as environmentally friendly as they possibly can. That’s something which should definitely be applauded, but the bad news is – cleaning your car, no matter how eco-friendly, still remains a tiresome chore.

According to the statistics published on Clean Planet’s website, washing your vehicle at this hi-tech car wash uses around a sixth of the water that washing your car at home with a hose does. The integrated Water Management System that’s installed here mixes a blast of pressurised air with the water which blasts the dirt off. It then filters and recycles the water to be used again. Isn’t technology great? It’s even better if you can get someone else to wash your car for you while you go and do something more fun.

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