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Chile Webcams

Chile is a long coastal strip on the west coast of South America, sandwiched between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. It runs for almost 2700 miles (4300km) in length and is on average just 109 miles (175km) wide. Its topography ranges from the Atacama Desert through forests, volcanoes and lakes right down to the fjords, glaciers and islands at the southern tip of the continent.

Tourists are drawn to Chile for its natural beauty and the strange stone Moai on Easter Island. You can see some of its impressive scenery from our webcams. Most of the 16.9 million population live in and around Santiago, the capital, which is rich in agricultural resources. Its main exports are copper, nitrates, wine, timber and fresh fruit.

Cameras in Chile's Capital
Cameras situated all around Santiago, Chile. On the source site, click the 'Camaras' section on the map to show locations.