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Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Falcon Nest Platform

Webcam Views: 119197 | Ratings: 370 | Go To Cam Source »
Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Falcon Nest Platform
Updated on Camscape: 81 mins ago
Web Cam is live at:
81 mins agoWe look for a new picture every 4 hours. If the timestamp is older than that, the cam may have gone temporarily offline. | In: Norfolk Webcams |
Updated on Camscape: 5 hours ago
5 hours ago
Updated on Camscape: 9 hours ago
9 hours ago
Updated on Camscape: 13 hours ago
13 hours ago
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Showing all 144 Comments.
2017-05-18, 17:40
What a dick head spencer is most birds of prey have been hunted close to extinction by man these birds have a place on this planet they have been here longer then us if we killed every thing that hunts for food we have nothing left. Spiders kill fly's lets kill em all see were this is going. Wake up
will Spencer
2017-05-17, 13:44
So glad to hear your tragic news. I bred 30 pigeons. Last year. 1 survived. What that just above a 2% survival rate. Even first world war fighter pilots lived longer many were saved by pigeons including my Grandad. Your breeding death. Disgraceful
Dave B
2015-06-09, 09:21
It looks like two of the three have left the nest early this morning.
2015-03-27, 19:24
great watching have a look every day,our daughter and grandson are watchers now
Alan Manton
2015-03-12, 17:54
I have the feeling that today the 'Hubby' is not sure wot his partner really wants. he very often looks very puzzled about wot she's doin! But basically they both seem to be good pair. Any comments ?
Alan Manton
2015-03-10, 17:55
Could someone take a snapshot now, it\'s a very good close up
Alan Manton
2015-03-10, 17:51
How do I make a Snapshot? ! I have seen a few real good close ups of the Male bird but can't take snap. How do I do it ???
2015-02-20, 15:19
great to watch never miss a day,watch until they fly,hope to get to the cathedral this year,keep up the good work.
P Tyler
2015-02-16, 17:39
Look forward to watching( and vi siting) cathedral . Each year NOrwich ,perigrines' nesting ,hatching chics,and fledging ,progress ,thank you .at trust and Cath.close .stunning ,we are.honour end to share their lives.
2014-04-11, 13:42
am lucky to live close enough to hear these wonderful birds hunting early evening, after a poor start on their first union how great they go from strength to strength
2014-02-04, 11:32
facebook sell users personal details to corporations and hand it over to NSA and GCHQ (privacy?) move along now, nothing to see here ...
2013-06-13, 07:13
Why do we have to log in to facebook to check on the video's I do not have a facebook profile not want one seems I am to miss out on the video clips???
2013-06-11, 15:02
andy k
2013-06-10, 14:41
Now theyve gone watch ours in Sheffield
2013-06-10, 08:20
I will be in Norwich this week, travelling from London. I hope to pass by the area and see if I can spot any flying. Will let you know.
Neil Arvess-Todd
2013-06-10, 07:47
So they're all flying freely now? I keep logging in and just find an empty nest. Guess I'll have to come to Norwich if I want to see any more of them!
Dave B
2013-06-09, 15:43
No worries Roy. I have myself felt great concern when I have not been able to see all the chicks, or when, in the early days, their parents seemed to desert them for ages. I\'ve also often found it difficult to identify just what food the parents have brought back, whether a small bird, mouse or rat. The fledging still have a long way to go and I sincerely hope all reach adulthood. They are most endearing birds!
2013-06-09, 13:36
What an amazing few weeks..the speed the babies grew..the attentiveness of the parents...then the comedy/fright when they took their first flights (not always intentionally, I suspect),,and to raise 4 chicks!! Congratulations to all concerned with webcam, and following the chicks round Norwich. Thank you
roy gardner
2013-06-09, 12:11
Thanks to all that responded to my reports regarding my observation of a dead chick being returned to the nest,just thankful that I may have been wrong and all are well,thanks again.
Dave B
2013-06-09, 11:59
I believe Shayla is correct and Roy mistook a large pigeon or thrush for a small falcon. I\'ve checked local sources and there\'s no mention of a chick dying - see
Derek Holmes
2013-06-09, 08:08
These should now be helping to control the city pigeons.
2013-06-09, 07:30
I have been watching and am so pleased are all flying round and are ok. Its brilliant :-)
2013-06-09, 06:22
these should be controlled bred with the amount of them now about
2013-06-09, 04:09
So happy to read the last message. It has been wonderful to watch these birds.
2013-06-09, 03:49
Hi Roy...that was food. All the chicks are alive and well and have all fledged safely. They are all hanging around the cathedral. The box on the webcam is empty now though.
Dave B
2013-06-09, 02:28
Sun 9/6/2013, 8:14am - saw the last of four chicks flapping about, literally seconds before making an undignified exit from the nest! This is nothing to worry about. One of the others did the same.
roy gardner
2013-06-09, 02:02
hi Shayla,we were watching the nest on Saturday, at 1632 the female arrived with a dead chick and dumped it in the nest,this seemed to traumatise the remaining bird,about an hour later she removed the dead bird, myself and family watched these goings on and found it disturbing
2013-06-08, 15:17
Roy...I don't understand? There are no dead chicks?
roy gardner
2013-06-08, 13:39
can only assume the two other chicks have also perished
2013-06-08, 12:21
Its absolutly briiiant to see thank you for sharing it with us. Are the other 2 chicks ok?
roy gardner
2013-06-08, 12:12
mother removed the dead chick at about 1730
roy gardner
2013-06-08, 11:11
Did I see correctly at1632 the mother returned one of her dead chicks to the nest solo sad
2013-06-07, 08:47
What news of the 2 fledgers? Are parents feeding them?
2013-06-07, 05:02
looks like two left. what news of the jumpers ?
Dave B
2013-06-07, 02:21
Have two left the nest already? I could only see three yesterday, but assumed one might be hidden in the corner of the nest.
christine from derby
2013-06-06, 16:27
I disagree with trevor!! We Have them on our cathedral! And they are wonderful birds! Some people just don\'t appreciate nature!
Ethan Beckett
2013-06-04, 14:41
Just saw on of these peregrine falcons on our garden bush
2013-05-29, 10:00
I have tried to look at these wonderful birds every day thank you all so much for this chance
2013-05-28, 12:32
Agree with Woody and Viv what a lovely place for these special birds to nest and what a fantastic site I think we should be grateful for all of this
2013-05-25, 15:33
The chicks have already been ringed. There's information about it on the Hawk and Owl page. Does anyone know where the other adult sleeps when one is sat with/on the chicks at night?
Kevin K _ Somerset
2013-05-25, 05:47
When will the chicks be ringed? Will it be 'advertised'?
2013-05-23, 13:42
Trevor sounds like a bell ringer god bless him
roy gardner
2013-05-22, 09:51
take time to go and watch the n u t perigrins at nottingham its amazing to compare the difference in the characters that these wonderful birds demonstrate
2013-05-22, 01:48
I don't understand the issue with them nesting on the cathedral?
2013-05-21, 12:05
I DISAGREE entirely with Trevor's comments!! Carry on with the all your good work!!
2013-05-21, 07:15
disgraceful that these birds are allowed to nest on a church.far too many now but the rspb make a fortune from them so sod the rest.
2013-05-17, 06:40
The 4 chicks are getting so well fed by the two parents sometimes they dont even come over to get food !
Dave B
2013-05-13, 14:46
I since seen both parents together and the chicks are fine
Dave B
2013-05-13, 04:49
Hope all is well. One parent has been calling for the other, and has had to desert her chicks to go and find food.
margaret h
2013-05-12, 07:54
we are all so lucky to be able to watch these woderful birds with there family thank you
Kit Button
2013-05-09, 17:59
Fascinating- how frequently do they feed. Do both parents feed?
2013-05-07, 09:42
So fabulous to be viewing from NZ. She's feeding them at the moment..wonderful to see.
2013-05-06, 03:55
hey all, you must see 5 birds on webcam on dear nest succes !
Wendy - South Africa
2013-05-03, 07:36
It is amazing for me to be viewing this in SA!I was fortunate to be at the Cathedral a year ago and view the falcons on TV in the tearoom. 7tU
Dave B
2013-04-27, 02:54
On Friday 26th at 6:47pm, I was lucky to see two birds talking to each other and swap turns to look after the eggs.
toot harner pa
2013-04-26, 07:34
wonderfull,makes my day just watching mom and her little ones. thank you.
Dave B
2013-04-22, 13:46
She got up at 7:33pm to move one of the eggs. I could see four.
2013-04-21, 17:11
Eggs are expected to hatch on Wednesday 24th April I was informed today
2013-04-13, 02:27
web cam not working has something happened
Christine Norman
2013-04-12, 11:14
Is there an expected hatching date yet? I know my chickens take 21 days to hatch but no idea on birds of prey!
A pritchard
2013-04-09, 14:22
Good look to the bird and the eggs and lets hope they hatch and survive
2013-04-07, 17:56
webcam on main site seems to be working now, or maybe its on the blink again again?
2013-04-07, 12:16
2013-04-06, 10:29
I have falcons of my own and it's just a shame to see this one in such a big opening. There's no coverage. Can anything be done about that?
Kiki Angelrath
2013-04-04, 16:03
Went to Cathedral Close today on business - took time to to go to Hawk & Owl Trust marquee to look at female on perch on side of cathedral and at the male on nest on webcam when I came home. WONDERFUL! Thanks to all the sponsors - particularly Viking telescopes.
margaret h
2013-04-03, 13:20
this webcam is great I enjoy every minute of it thank you everyone concerned
2013-04-03, 10:48
Is that half a bird she is eating? It certainly looks like a wing. I missed the mate bringing it.
2013-03-29, 13:32
Wonderful!!4eggs!same as last year!!Hope they do as well, if not better!
2013-03-28, 13:04
the norwich webcam was working but now is not I just get some sound intermittently no pic. is this the case for everyone and are you wokring on a fix?
2013-03-27, 09:54
Thank you. Must keep watching to see if I can spot both of them on camera together.
2013-03-27, 03:29
Amanda, her mate will bring in more food for her now she is sitting on eggs, means she has to leave less.
2013-03-26, 13:22
Fascinating watching this. Does she leave the site often to get food?
Neal Pearson
2013-03-25, 13:33
I wonder if her nest tray could be a little deeper to give her more shelter from that bitter wind?
Eddie Mallet
2013-03-25, 10:52
Brilliant!!!!!I must get there & see if I came see them flying :)Many thanks for this webcam :)
Dave Culley
2013-03-24, 12:25
its quite normal for the eggs too be left at this stage,even though the female is covering the eggs incubation normally starts on the egg before the last is laid,and she will open her brood patch.Dave
2013-03-24, 12:07
Is it usual for the eggs to be left uncovered? Just looked at webcam to see 2 eggs exposed...and it's very cold
Dave Culley
2013-03-24, 05:20
just hope the melting snow doesnt wet the nest too much in nottingham,lots of birds started nestbuilding here,some on eggs some halted building.collard dove chicks froze to death.Tawny owl eggs due to hatch anytime now but sheltered well so should be ok if the male can find food or it will be a disaster,owls live at
d j carder
2013-03-23, 13:49
don't know which peregrine is worse off, Nottingham with tons of snow on her or Norwich with the winds. Chichester and Wales peregrines look like they are not affected by the awful weather
2013-03-22, 07:07
This is amazing viewing, am now worried about the snow forecast tonight though, will they be ok?
Jools G
2013-03-22, 03:16
Please please can we see this on ipad?!
margaret h
2013-03-21, 13:45
just been to web cam site couldnot believe she has laid an egg and i missed it ugh
d j carder
2013-03-13, 13:12
when I rated the web cam site I pressed 1 star by mistake instead of 5 star. The live stream is absolutly brilliant...and you get the Bells. Well done to everyone involved in setting it up.
2013-02-23, 09:26
no problem ... maybe it's me but why is new Norwich webcam so hard to find? I found it hidden in new Norwich forum ...
2013-02-23, 09:21
and Charring Cross Hospitaljust back live;type=wildcams
2013-02-23, 09:19
Thanks Russell, we have updated our link.
2013-02-23, 09:17
2013-02-23, 09:13
for anyone looking for new Norwich webcam here is link
2013-02-22, 06:01
is there another Norwich web cam (live feed) or is this it? Nottingham and Charring Cross up and running
sarah leggett
2012-07-21, 11:38
just had a peregrine falcon in my garden, stripping a bird. I'm not far from the cathedral, could this be one from there?
2012-06-19, 15:47
Does anyone know why 3rd chick died??
2012-06-17, 05:49
I think the time setting is 6 hours slow. Sorry third word of previous post should read PAGE
2012-06-17, 05:47
This web oage has been wonderful in general. What I found confusing initially was the fact that comments were still on there from 2011. Incidentally I've only just discovered the posts on this page usually going to Forum. Looking forward to next years coverage.
2012-06-12, 12:18
this is a wonderful webcam, we can,t be away from it long,well done to all who made it possible thanks to all concerned
Colin Eve
2012-06-12, 08:10
Just saw the third chick either fly or fall off, hope he's ok.
David Hall
2012-06-12, 08:10
The juvenile female flew at 12.48 BST on 12 June 2012.Two video views of the female departing followed by two earlier of the male are at
2012-06-12, 06:56
I just discovered the site. Last night (around midnight Eastern Time)I saw one of the two birds either fly or fall off. Fly off I hope!
David Hall
2012-06-12, 06:23
The juvenile male flew this morning. Would anyone like to be kept in touch with the Norwich Cathedral peregrines after they leave the nest platform and disappear from our screens?Because of the enormous worldwide interest the Hawk and Owl Trust has decided to give everyone a chance to stay in touch with these birds until the next breeding season by offering a free electronic newsletter every few months. That way the peregrine family need not drop off your radar until the next spring.To sign up go to
Pat Ward
2012-06-12, 03:08
It is wonderful to have been able to watch the nest, we don`t want it to end, it is sad one has died.
2012-06-12, 03:01
its been fantastic to watch this footage thanks to all concerned
2012-06-10, 12:18
Its looks as if the smaller chick is dead it did not look well over the last 24 hrs the remaining 2 look well and don't think it will be long before they leave the nest
2012-06-10, 02:28
Is the third chick dead and being eaten by its siblings?
2012-06-06, 06:26
are all the chicks well as one seemed to be laying down a lot thank you for this amazing footage
maddie b
2012-06-05, 21:49
I am watching whilst holidaying Sri Lanka. Fab
Amber and Pat
2012-06-03, 06:58
We have been watching this from the very day they moved in and we have never seen anything so amazing so we would like to say thanks to every one concerned for letting us have the experience THANK YOU
Andrew Senior
2012-05-31, 15:12
A lot of wing flapping going on today brilliant
2012-05-30, 15:54
now the chicks at chichester are almost ready to fly i am watching norwich. wonderful
Muriel McKean
2012-05-26, 02:46
We were visiting the day they hatched from Australia. Now back home and watching the chicks. Just watched parent arriving with (squirrel?) and feeding littlies. Fabulous. Thankyou
Steve Saunders
2012-05-25, 07:19
Where has the 3rd chick gone.Looked at 1310hrs and all 3 were there. Looked again at 1317hrs and can only see 2. Was one chick near outer edge of platform on first viewing.
2012-05-24, 10:06
are both the falcons still feeding the chicks
2012-05-22, 12:51
its a wonderful sight i try to watch every night thanks to every one concerned
2012-05-22, 07:20
Just heard they have been ringed today, so that's probably where he is!
2012-05-22, 07:16
Is the little 3rd chick still there?
2012-05-21, 10:12
Has anyone seen the male bird today.
jacqui Twine
2012-05-18, 05:24
have been watching this pair, the chichester pair and nottingham pair and even bald eagles in minnesota! Amazing privilege, thank you. This mummy seems to be with the chicks the most, but then this nest site looks the most vunerable. x
2012-05-15, 12:45
have just watched mother come back to nest to cosy up with her chicks wonderful
2012-05-12, 14:55
Just saw the chicks getting fed, and both parents there. Absalutely amazing to watch- that answered my question about how many birds there are.
2012-05-07, 14:38
Just got back after the week end away 1st thing was to have a look at the site been on all night watching them better than watching Britain's Got Talent
2012-05-07, 13:35
Brilliant,just seen her feeding her 3 chick,s amazing!
2012-05-07, 05:41
Keep, fly and breed birds of prey myself so know how special this is too see, But absolute brillant to see a wild pair breeding in the city, Keeping an eye on their progess and look forward to when the youngster that little bit olber and show them selves lot more, Great work and well done those involved in the project.
2012-05-06, 13:10
Brian,Click this to go to the live site:
2012-05-06, 13:07
Cant get the web-cam live,only snapshot's why is that please ??
mrs robbie
2012-05-04, 15:16
ipad users can try the puffin free browser which allows flas video.
2012-05-04, 08:05
I can't get the web cam live on my iPad :(
2012-05-03, 14:27
Just recently found this website, its fantastic i tune in all the time to see whats happening, what a beautiful bird, is there just the one bird.
2012-05-03, 12:38
If you're having trouble opening the live site (their site is stopping it appearing below our bar), either click the blue cross when the bar loads or go direct to:!
Lorna Gillin
2012-05-03, 05:18
This is just wonderful such lovely birds.
2012-04-29, 05:46
when the wind calms a bit i swear you can hear chirping? maybe just wishfull thinking.
2012-04-16, 20:17
I hear there was 2 where is the other one
Kamran Khan
2012-04-14, 13:37
very nice thats good work for this every body like this very much
2012-04-12, 04:45
Hi Steve - their forum pages are here:
2012-04-12, 04:36
and where are the forum pages , please?
2012-04-06, 10:42
For those who have posted items here there is a better series if you click onto the Forum pages.
2012-04-04, 19:24
Loving watching this with my children in California. Until 18 months ago we lived in Norfolk so, as well as watching the birds we are enjoying seeing a little bit of home,!
2012-03-22, 06:23
looks like its laid an egg again, hopefully it will be a successful hatch unlike last year, fingers crossed
2012-03-21, 05:53
Is there a female about showing any interest in joining him?
2012-03-20, 12:27
facing East over the Norwich School playing fields and The Great Hospital
2012-03-19, 03:40
He's a right poser! Does anyone know which direction the camera is facing as we don't recognize the surroundings?
2012-02-19, 02:36
@Chris. The light you see in the box is infrared from a lamp above. The camera can see IR but the bird (or humans) cant. It it allows people to see whats happening at night. Live video streaming should start soon.
2012-02-17, 05:40
why doeas there seem to be a light on at night time?
2011-06-06, 06:09
I think the femail has given up! i don't think that the egg was fertile!
2011-06-04, 06:33
have the eggs hatched yet?
2011-06-03, 10:40
Yeah the pictures here update every 4 hours, click the main picture to go to the cam's source.
Craig T
2011-06-03, 10:37
You're looking at still frame pictures that appear to be updated every hour or so.
James Fitter
2011-05-28, 04:09
Is this bird all right? It doesn't seem to move.
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