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Bonaire may be a land mass covering less than three-hundred square kilometres, but it’s an island packed to the hilt with natural treasures. It’s part of a Caribbean archipelago known as the Leeward Antilles which includes the ABC Islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. Bonaire is the B and Curaçao the C – a place that produces a citrus-flavoured blue liqueur that’s not a lot of good for anything other than making the colour of cocktails a little more interesting.

While the name Bonaire sounds French, it isn’t. Spanish conquerors were the first to leave their mark there in the 16th century, but that’s an event in history that has more or less been forgotten and Bonaire is quintessentially Dutch. Or was until 2010 when it became a municipality and went under public administration. No matter who is in charge on land, the sea and the coral reefs around Bonaire are controlled by nature and the creatures that inhabit the ocean. Take a swim in the waters here, no matter how luxurious the resort you stay in, and you could get stung by a Bonaire banded box jellyfish or feel the sting from the spines of a lionfish. There’s no such thing as a perfect paradise, but let’s face it, once you’ve viewed these webcams, venomous sea life included, Bonaire comes pretty close.

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