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Micronesia Webcams

Micronesia comprises hundreds of small islands in the western Pacific Ocean. ‘Micro’ means ‘small’ and ‘nesos’ means ‘island’ so you get the picture. Most of the area consists of independent states with the exception of Guam and Wake Island which are US territories along with the Northern Mariana Islands which form a US Commonwealth.

The highlight of this region is the four-yearly multi-sporting event known as the Micronesian Games. Athletics, basketball and triathlon events make it sound like the Olympics, but there is also fierce competition in events such as coconut tree climbing, spear fishing and coconut husking.

Check out the lifestyle of these wonderful islands through the webcams here, including life at the Guam Mall.

Guam Micronesia Mall
Guam Micronesia Mall - Micronesia's Largest Mall. You will have to travel more than one thousand miles to find one larger than this!