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About Us

Camscape started life in 1999, and was a gigantic list of all the webcams that were found at the time online. In 2004, the current owner, Pat, took the site to a new design and reorganised all the data. This was the first experience for him that webcams come and go all the time, finding scores of dead links, and made him more determined than ever that Camscape will be the most up to date and well kept Webcam directory on the Internet. This is why you may think we have fewer webcams than other sites - many others are plain lying about how many cams they have which actually work!

In 2009, Pat and his newfound coworkers Gill and Mark embarked on the Blog which is updated several times a week, taking a pick from the week's most interesting webcam stories and events worldwide and in 2011, Pat embarked on the most ambitious update yet, to crawl as many webcams as was technically feasible so visitors could see recent snapshots right on the site. Integrated into that update is a means for him to detect when cams come and go, making keeping the site up to date a lot better. Bringing visitors 'on board' by allowing them to comment on each webcam also goes some way to alerting any problems, but for the most part - when a cam goes down, we know about it automatically now.

We're always improving the way Camscape can help you find Webcams - having recently rolled out our 'Movers and Shakers' feature along with improved navigation, hopefully you'll only be a click away from finding exactly what you're looking for.

Information for Webcam Owners on Camscape

If you or someone else has submitted your webcam and it made it onto Camscape, you may notice we have started crawling your webcam images. The first thing is that if you object to having your images on Camscape, send us a message - we'll be pleased to remove them. Before you do, please read this however. We like to think it is a symbiotic relationship between us and you - those with cached images on Camscape have many advantages:
  • People will be more inclined to continue to your site to see the more up to date images.
  • We are using our bandwidth and not yours - and are not hotlinking your images.
  • Our images can provide you with a little rolling archive, which if you don't do already, is a nice little service to have for free!
  • We don't hammer your server - an image is currently looked for once every 4 hours, so 6 times a day.
If you are trying to get on Camscape with your webcam and we never add it, please consider:
  • We only add cams of places/scenery and not of people.
  • If you have a site full of your own webcams, we won't add more than one or two webcams from the same place - try to add a generic page and we'll grab one of your cams as a preview
  • We will always look for the originator of the webcam - e.g. if there's a watermark in the webcam image with a different domain name in it, or your image is being hotlinked from elsewhere - so it may be the cam you submitted was added, but attributed to the actual owner.
  • Any webcam site which does nasty things with the users' browser or hasn't got a properly dedicated webcam page are more likely to not be added.
Privacy Policy

We are conscious that in this ever changing world, people are more and more concerned that their personal information is kept confidential and Camscape plays a part in ensuring this to be the case. If you submit a webcam to us, we collect and store the following information up until the moment the webcam is either not approved or deleted at a later date:
  • Your name, email address, Webcam URL, location information you submitted (category) and any title/description you gave the webcam
If your webcam is approved, we then go on to store the location of your '.jpg' webcam image for the purposes of collecting snapshots.

If you contribute to the site with comments on the individual cams or in the Blog, we may collect some or all of the following information:
  • Your name, email address, any URLs you provide and the comments you made

Some parts of our site (e.g. remembering who you are if you have previously submitted a comment on the Blog) use cookies as a way to interact and improve user experience. A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer and has a limited amount of data about your use of the site. Most websites use them. If you clear out your cookies, you may find some features don't work as well as you're used to, but cookies are not absolutely essential to enjoy Camscape.

Contact Us

If you have any queries about the above, or anything else, you can get in touch with Pat.