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Kazakstan Webcams

Kazakstan’s claim to fame is that it is the world’s largest landlocked country. It covers a greater area than the whole of western Europe! The capital is Almaty, Kazakstan’s largest city. Kazakstan has a little of everything – mountains, deserts, flatlands, steppes, rock canyons and deltas – and some interesting places can be enjoyed on the webcams. For most of its history, Kazakstan has been populated by nomadic tribes.

Since its independence in 1991 from Russia it is a dominant state. The caviar from the Caspian Sea is world famous. The first manned spaceflight from Kazakstan was in 1961 by Yuryi Gagarin, a Russian cosmonaut. Pity they didn’t have a webcam with them then!

Webcams at the Khan Shatyr Mall
Two cams: In and outside the Khan Shatyr mall.