Venere Azzurra Beach Cam

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Venere Azzurra Beach Cam

If you find yourself waxing lyrical while viewing this live feed of Venere Azzurra Beach, don’t worry, it’s not unusual and you’d be continuing a long tradition.

Venere Azzurra is just one of several beaches on the Italian Riviera near the town of Lerici. It’s a part of Italy that has inspired and been home to so many writers and artists over the decades, the stretch of sea that fronts it has had its name changed from Golfo di Lerici to Poet’s Bay.

While that may all sound delightfully romantic, and may well have been for most- until tragedy struck. Although not particularly renamed for him, British poet Shelley drowned in a boating accident in the bay in 1822 at the young age of twenty-nine. Conclusion? When you’re feeling poetic, stay on the safe side and keep well away from the water.

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