Piazza Saint Bon Webcam in La Spezia

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Piazza Saint Bon Webcam in La Spezia

If you’re taking a virtual tour of northern Italy before preparing for a real time trip, see this live feed streaming from La Spezia and you may well decide to overlook it as a place to visit. Big mistake.

La Spezia is a town on the Liguarian coast of Italy that is as attractive scenery-wise as its more famous southern counterpart, Atrani, on the country’s Amalfi coast. La Spezia’s waterfront is stacked tier upon tier with the typical colorful buildings of the Mediterranean. It’s also a busy port full of maritime traffic where you can catch a ferry to the famous historic villages of the Cinque Terre. It has a plenitude of its own historic buildings and fortresses too.

We’d be the first to agree that this live feed from the Hotel Venezia of the Piazza Saint Bon doesn’t do La Spezia justice by a long way. Don’t give up on La Spezia at first glance though, there’s so much more off cam worth discovering.

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