Genoa Cityscape and Port Webcam

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Genoa Cityscape and Port Webcam

Genoa is one of Italy’s oldest and busiest port cities and has been since the time of the Ancient Romans. One of the most famous seafarers to set sail from Genoa was the intrepid 15th century explorer, Christopher Columbus who was born in the city in 1451. Genoa isn’t just renowned as a port though, but also for its traditional dishes of pesto, that delicate green pasta sauce made from basil, pine nuts and parmesan, and its crispy focaccia.

It’s hard to decide what’s more captivating about the views on this live feed being streamed from Genoa by Paesaggi Digital. The cityscape with its charming rooftops, the port area with its maritime traffic, the Ligurian Sea in the distance or the seagulls that flit in to sit on the chimney stacks. They seem to arrive fairly frequently so maybe they’ve heard just how good Genovese focaccia is and are hoping to find a stray crust.

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