Bergeggi Island Reef Cam

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Bergeggi Island Reef Cam

Bergeggi Island is a rocky islet off the northwest coast off Italy that isn’t much to look at superficially. Its covering of stunted shrubbery hides the ruins of a watchtower and fourth century church that are also not much to look at. Thankfully this cam is an underwater one and focused on one of Mother Nature’s more attractive aquariums, the Ligurian Sea.

Bergeggi Island and the reefs that surround it are teeming with such an abundance of life that it’s been designated a protected marine reserve. What lies beneath the water is definitely more impressive than what’s above it. The fish seem to think so too and like nothing better than swimming through the swathes of posidonia oceanica, seagrass meadows, or darting in and out of the corral. Other than viewing this natural wonderland via this live feed the only way to see what’s below the surface is to jump off a boat with diving gear or snorkel and flippers and join them.

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