Zoo’s Tiger Cub Triplets Shown on Webcam before being Publicly Exhibited

August 26th, 2011 by Mark

Rosamund Gifford Zoo became the proud home for three new Amur tiger cubs on 7th May 2011. The three cubs, Yuri, Kuza and Misha, were the children of parents Tatiana and Toma.

It is thought that the triplets will be exhibited in early September, but until then the webcams will introduce them to the public. As is increasingly the case these days (just as we saw with the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial), the webcams are being turned on before the grand opening.

One of the parents is taking a well deserved rest. Those triplets are a handful!

The cubs will finish weaning soon as they slowly eat more meat themselves. They have also been learning to groom each other and play. But they are still far aware from living independently, as it takes two to three years after birth before a tiger finally leaves its mother.

You can check out the webcams here.

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