World’s Largest Railyard on Bailey Yard Webcam

November 20th, 2012 by Mark

A new webcam from North Platte, Nebraska, allows you to see the world’s largest railyard, Bailey Yard, with it covering an area of 11.5 sq. km. The webcam is located on the Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center, which at eight-stories high gives a great view of the railyard.

Bailey Yard is named after Edd Bailey, a former President of the Union Pacific, the largest railroad network in the US. On average, 139 trains move through Bailey Yard each day, pulling around 14,000 railcars. The railyard also carries out repairs – up to 25 trains can be repaired there in a day, and many more than that are serviced.

Enough to make a train spotter’s mouth water.

A grant from North Platte’s Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation, along with additional money from the local area’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, allowed the webcam to be installed. It is hoped that it will excite rail fans and inspire visits to the Bailey Yard.

You can check out the Bailey Yard webcam here.

2 Responses to “World’s Largest Railyard on Bailey Yard Webcam”

  1. jim kenyon says:

    The web site quit loading on msn, google, and chrome last week. Are they doing away with it? I miss the view from the tower.

  2. Patrick says:

    Hi Jim, it looks like they just changed the link to it. I have updated he blog post – the new link is Hope that helps.

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