Watch Baby Giraffe Birth Live on Greenville Zoo Webcam

October 5th, 2012 by Mark

Greenville Zoo is preparing for the birth of a new baby giraffe that is due any day now. The impending birth has made the Zoo’s giraffes webcam stars as people flock to it. The Zoo provide two webcams showing their giraffe enclosure.

The father giraffe, Walter, has been temporarily separated from the mother, Autumn, while she is pregnant, but will return as soon as her six-foot-tall newborn appears.

You looking at me? There is nobody else around. You must be looking at me.

Once in labour, it will take anywhere between one to four hours for Autumn to give birth to the new baby giraffe. Usually, baby giraffes walk within an hour of their birth.

You can check out Greenville Zoo’s giraffe enclosure here. There are two webcams available showing the barn and the paddock. It isn’t often that the general public get to observe a giraffe be born, so be sure to tune in over the next few days!

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