UFO Seen on World Trade Center Redevelopment Webcams

July 11th, 2012 by Mark

Webcams that are following the redevelopment of the World Trade Center caught something potentially extraterrestrial last week. Orlando Bosca from Argentina saw a white UFO on the WTC webcams, and proceeded to post them on his YouTube channel.

The WTC webcams have been offering a view of the reconstruction that has occurred since the 9-11 terrorist attack. The redevelopment includes the building of the One World Trade Center (which was previously known as the Freedom Tower) and the 7 World Trade Center, bearing the same name as its predecessor.

No UFOs hanging around the One World Trade Center today.

We’ve seen many UFOs caught on webcams before on Camscape. We’ve previously seen UFOs in the Antarctic and in New York Harbor.

You can see the images of the UFO in this YouTube video. And you can watch the WTC webcams here.

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