Springwatch 2012 Webcams show Beautiful British Wildlife

May 29th, 2012 by Mark

British wildlife is being featured in a sizeable number of webcams set up in conjunction with the UK television series Springwatch. The programme is an annual series from the BBC that follows the stories of wide array of British wildlife.

The Springwatch nest-watchers are working hard to bring some spectacular webcam footage for wildlife fans. A small selection of the wildlife on show includes swans, baby owls, and a wren family.

Chickens, baby owls, blue tits, and nuthatches. What more could a wildlife fan ask for?!

One of the webcam features a nuthatch nest. The Springwatch team report that the numbers of nuthatches in the UK is increasing. Another webcam shows an osprey nest, where the female was incubating three eggs, which started hatching yesterday. The swan webcam shows two adults raising three cygnets.

You can check out the webcams here.

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