See Creatures of the Deep on NOAA’s Deep-Sea Exploration Webcams

April 20th, 2012 by Mark

Ever wondered what weird and wonderful creatures live on the bottom of the ocean? Well, now you can see for yourself in real time. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is using deep-diving robots to explore the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

The expedition is taking place using the ship Okeanos Explorer, which can accommodate 46 crew and technicians. Unlike many expeditions of this type, however, few scientists will actually be on board the ship, as they perform their experiments remotely over the Internet.

One of the weird types of life that NOAA have found!

It can take up to three hours for one of the deep-diving robots to reach the bottom of the ocean, but if the robot is currently diving, it’s worth sticking around or making a mental note to come back. They’ve already captured images of some wacky types of life, including long-legged crabs and squid-like animals that flash green.

You can check out NOAA’s various webcams here. If there is no action presently, you can also check out their YouTube channel. The expedition continues until the April 29.

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